About Us

The Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool is a registered three-unit Early Childhood Educational Service that caters for 60 children per day between the ages of 3 and 5 years. Our preschool invites your child to “come, play and learn.”

We recognise that each child is an individual with special abilities interests and background.

We have a large newly modified accessible outdoor area providing a safe, fun filled environment for children of all abilities. Our team of well-trained staff take pride in their profession and believe that caring for your child is a privilege.

Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool


The Preschool commenced operation in 1974 and was located in the former hall of the Gunnedah Baptist Church, where 20 children attended each day. In 1975, an additional room was added to the former hall, allowing 40 children to attend each day.

The Gunnedah Baptist Child Care Association Limited was formed in 1986 with an inaugural Board of Directors. In 1998 the new extension was completed, and the original classroom was converted to office space. In 2017 the preschool expanded again with the construction of a new room, accommodating 20 more children.


The Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool is managed by a Board of Directors. This Board comprises members of the Gunnedah Baptist Church and the local community.

The Preschool is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation which trades as Gunnedah Baptist Child Care Association Limited.



Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool


Guided by Being, Belonging, Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework.

The Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool seeks to provide high quality early childhood education in the context of a caring, kind, and compassionate environment that reflects our Christian values and God’s love for all children and families.

This will be achieved by:

  • Welcoming staff, children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds, religions, abilities, and genders. Ensuring each person’s individuality is celebrated, honoured, fostered, and respected.

  • Caring for God’s creation, our Earth, by showing respect for the world we live in through sustainable practices, engaging in natural experiences and learning about the environment while also learning how to care for our surroundings with future generations in mind.

  • Creating a welcoming, safe, positive, and healthy environment in which families and children feel confident, secure, and valued.

  • By working closely with families to support their children through open communication, approachability, and networking with external support agencies to ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Communicating regularly with the preschool community to gain valuable feedback and input to drive continuous improvement in conjunction with critical reflection from educators.

  • Acknowledging and respecting each child’s unique and individual talents, abilities and interests and extending their skills by setting achievable but challenging goals to support their growth and personal development.

  • Creating an educational program based on children’s interests to promote a love of learning to prepare them for all future education.

  • By valuing our staff and the personal qualities they bring to the centre. Through teamwork, shared decision making and continued professional development, each staff member’s personal perspectives and growth are respected and appreciated.

  • By acknowledging the traditional custodians of our land, and the value of incorporating Aboriginal histories and cultures in our program.