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Taking Pride in our Culture

The Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool believes in the value of sharing our rich Aboriginal History with the children.

As part of this educational experience the preschool engaged our local Aboriginal artist, Ronny Long to carve and paint three totem poles for the school. During the holidays the poles were erected with stumps surrounding the poles to create a yarning circle.

Ronny visited the Preschool to instruct the educators about the meaning of the images on the poles. He impressed upon the Educators that all the images related to local areas and memories of his own childhood. In particular the river played a significate role in the Gunnedah area. White stones, walking tracks, native animals and a yarning circle were featured on the totem poles.

To display the totem poles in the best possible setting, they were placed near a boat with recycled tires representing water and waves.

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